Will undocumented immigrants soon be able to turn in their slumlords in exchange for residency?

The Senate adopted a system to protect victims of abusive owners. When filing a complaint, they will have a temporary residence card. However, the text is still far from being definitively adopted.

The Senate, on the initiative of the left, adopted a system aimed at protecting victims of “slum traders”, poorly housed by violent landlords, by granting them temporary residence permits when they file a complaint. In the debate on the immigration law, which has been examined by senators since Monday, the amendment of the communist senator Ian Brossat was accepted by a show of hands with the government’s concurring position.

‘We don’t care, we don’t care’: slumlord in court in Marseille – 13/11

It plans to grant temporary residence permits for a period of one year, renewable for the duration of criminal proceedings, to undocumented immigrants who file a complaint against the landlord for abusing their vulnerability with housing conditions.

Ensure access to social housing

“This system will allow us to better detect situations of unsanitary buildings, protect victims who are afraid to file a complaint because they fear being subjected to OQTF (obligation to leave the territory) and allow them access to social housing after often experiencing hell,” he greeted Ian Brossatt.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who discovered this proposal at the meeting, welcomed it. “What is interesting about your approach is the disclosure and protection of the person. I suggest we explore this very good idea,” he said. This opening convinced the senatorial majority of the right and the center, which also accepted the government’s proposal aimed at tightening the sanctions for these “sleepers”.

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