What is Indian Creek, this island of billionaires, where Jeff Bezos will settle?

Jeff Bezos built a mansion on Indian Creek, an island in Miami, also known as the “billionaires’ bunker”. Many of them actually settled there.

After Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, hit man Julio Iglesias, hedge fund manager Carl Icahn, and former American football star and Gisele Bünchen’s ex-husband Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos settled in Indian Creek.

This 1.19 square kilometer island in Miami in Biscayne Bay is a paradise for the ultra-rich. In an article, Paris Match calculated that the cumulative wealth of 86 inhabitants is equivalent to the GDP of a country like Kuwait, whose subsoil is saturated with oil.

Indian Creek is also known as the “billionaires’ bunker”. It consists of approximately forty residences, all with sea views, and a golf club that occupies 80% of the island. There is only one road running through the island and it ends in a dead end. A two-lane bridge connects residents and 300 members of the golf course to the rest of Miami. There are no shops, no cafes or restaurants, no activities on the island.

Police Department

Paris Match reports that the law, since repealed, allowed any entity with more than 25 inhabitants to declare itself a municipality. So the island is a city with a mayor and police. Around ten agents monitor the island, the bridge and patrol the water.

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Rocket Homes, one of the few licensed estate agents, estimated that the median sales price at Indian Creek was €47 million. However, most transactions are done by word of mouth.

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