What are the property prices in Villepinte?

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Villepinte real estate market in 2023

18 km from the center of Paris, Villepinte is a small family town where you can become the owner of a house of 110 m² with a garden, close to the RER, for “a budget of 290,000 to 330,000 euros”, says Tom Husson, of Era Agency. Expect around 140,000 euros for a 2-room apartment in Vert-Galant. Prices are falling and “sellers are forced to lower their claims, regardless of the property and its location,” emphasizes Frédéric Aras of Notre Agence. Among the most popular areas are the Vieux Pays and La Haie-Bertrand. The Marie-Laurencin district remains the most affordable part. “You can find a house of 70 to 80 m² with a garden for around 250,000 euros,” concludes Frédéric Aras.

Eugenia Bárba

Price per m2 down Price per m2 AVERAGE Price per m2 high Rent per m2 down Rent per m2 AVERAGE Rent per m2 high
Be €1,971 €3,252 €4,927 11.9 € €17.7 €28.1
Home €1,885 €2,832 €4,295 €11.00 €17.3 €22.3

Development of real estate prices in Villepinte

In one year, apartment prices in Villepinte increased by 2.2%, house prices increased by 0.7%.

Property prices in Villepinte by neighborhood

Apartment price (€/m²) House price (€/m²) Apartment rent (€/m²)

House rent (€/m²)

Su Gare €3,353 €2,962 NC NC
To the park €3,257 €2,694 NC NC
No Expo NC €3,124 NC NC
With Zonedac €3,370 €2,805 NC NC
With Mallet €3,051 €2,907 NC NC
So Centrale €3,212 €2,936 NC NC
To the hospital 3. 303 EUR €2,694 NC NC
No Hai 3. 102 EUR €2,953 NC NC
No town hall €3,464 €2,833 NC NC
So March €3,247 €2,842 NC NC
So Bellevue €2,923 €2,779 NC NC
With Roserai €2,613 €2,774 NC NC
To Mousseaux €3,102 €2,429 NC NC
His pastor €2,457 €2,567 NC NC
See Europe €2,390 €2,605 NC NC
With Picasso €2,136 NC NC NC

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