What are the property prices in Chelles?

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The real estate market in Chelles in 2023

Since summer, buyers have found their way to this town in Seine-et-Marne, 40 minutes from Paris by RER E. Families appreciate the banks of the Marne, the water sports center and the numerous schools. Old apartments around the station are sold for around 4,300 euros per m². Furthermore, they barely reach 3000 euros from transport. A four-room apartment of 73 m² with a balcony, 20 minutes from the station, sold for €218,000 on two visits. With a budget of 140,000 to 180,000 euros, first-time buyers head for 50 m² apartments near the RER. Rental investment suffers: many small spaces are rated F or G and need a lot of work. “Some buyers try to negotiate, but sellers have trouble backing down,” explains Eric Laurent of l’Adresse.

Caroline Mathat

Price per m2 down Price per m2 AVERAGE Price per m2 high Rent per m2 down Rent per m2 AVERAGE Rent per m2 high
Be €2,677 €3,918 €5,876 €12.00 €16.9 €27.6
Home €2,126 €3,388 €5,123 €13.50 19.6 € €26.2

Real estate price trends in Chelles

More information about the Chelles real estate market, written with the help of Semji platform artificial intelligence.

Does Greater Paris affect prices in Chelles?

Project from Great Paris likely to affect real estate prices in Chelles. The deployment of this large-scale urban project, which is scheduled for completion in 2030, includes the creation of new automatic metro lines, new stations and the extension of some lines. This project of modernization and revitalization of the Paris region is already having an impact on real estate in certain areas.

The overall increase in real estate prices in the western and southern municipalities that will soon be served by line 15 of the Grand Paris Express was increased to an average of +20% between 2017 and 2021. Although Chelles is not directly affected by the route on this line, improving the accessibility of the capital city may indirectly affect property prices in this Seine-et-Marne municipality.

It is therefore possible that Greater Paris will have an impact on prices in Chelles, both for sale and for rent, during the course of the project.

House for sale in Chelles: what budget should you plan?

If you want to consider buying a house in Chelles, it is essential to take into account average price per square meter. According to the latest available data, this price is around €3,388/m²with a range from 2,126 to 5,123 EUR.

This means that for an average-sized house, for example 100 m², the required budget would be between €212,600 and €512,300.

However, these numbers are only averages and the price may vary depending on several factors such as:

  • Location of the house in the city
  • General condition of the house
  • Proximity to amenities and services

It is also important to note that the real estate market in Chelles has seen an increase 22.1% for the last 5 years. It is therefore essential to be informed about market trends for an informed purchase.

Real estate price trends in Chelles

Over the year, apartment prices in Chelles increased by 3.8%, house prices fell by 1.3%.

Property prices in Chelles by neighborhood

Apartment price (€/m²) House price (€/m²) Apartment rent (€/m²)

House rent (€/m²)

In the city center €4,041 €3,755 NC NC
Foch / De Gaulle €4,113 €3,678 NC NC
Southern Sncf €4,089 €3,296 NC NC
La Noue Brossard €3,941 €3,582 NC NC
Mont Chalats €4,131 €3,278 NC NC
Eastern District €3,432 €3,368 NC NC
Coudreaux €3,716 €3,032 NC NC

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