What are the property prices in Argenteuil?

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The real estate market in Argenteuil in 2023

According to MeilleursAgents, the city is slowly recording an average price of €3,400 per m². “However, this does not yet correspond to the decline in purchasing power,” regrets Loic Gilibert, director of the Orpi agency. Only strong profiles can buy, like this young manager, who just negotiated 185,000 euros for a 2-room apartment of 49 m², in a recent building with a balcony and parking, rue Maréchal-Foch. The decline is moderate (-5%) in this popular area near Argenteuil SNCF station. Ditto in Butte d’Orgemont, a residential area where millstones from the 1930s still command €350,000 to €400,000. Les Coteaux, a stone’s throw from Val station, is also spared. Working-class districts (Val Notre-Dame, Val d’Argenteuil, etc.) suffer more: a family has just negotiated, rue de Rethondes, a 3-room apartment of 68 m² to be restored, in a 1970 complex with parking, for €150,000. or a 17% reduction in one year.

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Price per m2 down Price per m2 AVERAGE Price per m2 high Rent per m2 down Rent per m2 AVERAGE Rent per m2 high
Be €2,071 €3,438 €5,191 €12.2 €18.2 €29.2
Home €2,129 €3,342 €4,888 €13.8 €21.1 €27.2

Real estate price trends in Argenteuil

In one year, apartment prices in Argenteuil fell by 4.5%, house prices lost 2.9%.

More information about the Argenteuil real estate market, written with the help of the artificial intelligence of the Semji platform.

What is the average property price in Argenteuil?

THE average property price in Argenteuil varies greatly depending on the type of property. For apartments, the average price is around €3,438/m²with a fluctuation that can range from 2,071 to 5,191 EUR/m². For houses, the average price is slightly higher, at €4,677/m².

It is also important to consider market developments. In fact, property prices in Argenteuil have increased by 8.6% in the last 12 months a 28.4% for the last 7 years.

For commercial and office premises, their average price is €410,000.

Property prices in key areas of Argenteuil: City Center, Orgemont, Coteaux, Colonie

According to the latest estimates, it is average price per m² in the neighborhood In the city center ranges between EUR 2,518 and EUR 5,204 for an apartment and between EUR 2,085 and EUR 4,874 for a house. Neighborhood Orgemontfor its part, is known for its houses from the 1930s priced between 350,000 and 400,000 euros.

For the neighborhood Slopes, near the Val railway station, despite the economic context, no significant drop in prices was recorded. Finally, the district Colony represents an average price per m² of EUR 3,490, a number that includes all types of properties.

It should be noted that these prices may vary depending on many factors, such as the location of the property, its overall condition or even market demand.

Property prices in Argenteuil by neighborhood

Apartment price (€/m²) House price (€/m²) Apartment rent (€/m²)

House rent (€/m²)

South center of the city €3,611 €3,573 NC NC
North center of the city €3,594 €3,499 NC NC
Jolival / La Colonie €3,580 €3,399 NC NC
Nonaise / Douce Feve €3,607 €3,464 NC NC
Vilémbert / Mazagran €3,483 €3,364 NC NC
Marsh / Pont Neuf €3,401 €3,184 NC NC
Champioux / Plum €3,200 €3,180 NC NC
Orgemont / Vaucelle €2,922 €3,188 NC NC
Val d’Argent South €2,638 €3,104 NC NC
Northern Val d’Argent €2,421 €3,293 NC NC

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