To Love Me Again: The Lament of Wind Turbines

Abandoned by investors, constrained by supply issues, weakened by component inflation, isolated from rate hikes, companies operating in the renewable energy sector, and particularly in the wind sector, have a heavy heart this time.

As evidenced by the spectacular fall ofOrsted, the Danish offshore specialist, which has lost more than half its value since January 1. Forgive them, but to make their cry heard by the markets, wind turbines were inspired by one of the biggest successes of Celine Dion, our favorite Quebecer.

“I understood all the words, I understood well, thank you

Rational and efficient, here it is

That investments have changed, that wind turbines have faded

That the time before was the time before

That if everything fades away and gets tired, so will love

You should know

I will go get your capital if you take it elsewhere

Although in your wallets, others dance your winnings

I will search for your soul in wells and mines

I will put a spell on you to love me again

I would invent oil to hold me

I will make myself new to start the fire again

I will become those others who make you happy

Your games will be ours if you wish.”

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