Thermal strainer: how much is your home really worth?

The GoFlint listings site has launched Vigie, a simulator that displays the selling price per square meter and time to sell based on the DPE of the accommodation. Enough for a more accurate evaluation of thermal filters.

Will we finally be able to evaluate the discount on thermos? We know that nationally, an F or G-rated home is worth 10 to 15% less on average than a well-rated home, but this time the ad site created a particularly accurate simulator. Now it is possible to estimate the price per square meter of housing based on their evaluation, and in addition to have an idea of ​​the average time it will take to sell it.

Thousands of euros in discounts

This simulator is called Vigie, it was developed by GoFlint ad server. Thanks to it, we also balance the specifics of the territory and prove that the value of the property and energy demand cannot be generalized.

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It is in the least tense sectors that the green value is strongest. Let’s take the example of a house of 120 square meters with three bedrooms in Cher. Rated B, very efficient accommodation, this property is valued at just over €190,000. If, on the other hand, it has an F rating, i.e. a sieve, the house will be worth roughly 60,000 euros less.

A huge discount therefore and above all some serious problems in perspective when we want to sell. The simulator says that a well-rated house could find a buyer in 35 days, while you would have to wait almost three months for a net house.

Historical value before green value

In large cities, historical value takes precedence over green value. In big cities, the rules are obviously completely different. Paris remains the best example. So an F or G rated two bedroom flat will be worth just 3.5% less than the same C or D rated property.

Even crazier, the strainer will sell faster. It will take you about 10 days less to find a buyer. Because poorly rated accommodation in Paris is not only very common, but also a guarantee of historical value. In fact, there’s a good chance it’s a Haussmannian building.

So we can clearly see the spectacular differences in value differences depending on the territory. Also, don’t forget that in addition to simulators, evaluating the amount of work required allows you to further refine the price. Expect around 1,500 euros for an energy audit.

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