The new Pixel 8 is collapsing on Amazon, Google may be very angry

On Black Friday, Amazon is pulling all brands and products. Since the official launch of operations 24 hours ago, it has multiplied the offers on its website, focusing on emblematic products. So the deals are mainly on bestsellers, including Google’s Pixel 8, which has been available for a few weeks now. If you’ve been eyeing a high-end smartphone, now’s the time to go.

Thanks to this offer revealed by the American giant, the Pixel 8 is priced at 729 euros instead of 799 euros. Sure, it’s not 30% off a new phone, but it’s still a great price. Google is quite stingy with discounts on its products, which is very good news. What’s more, the Pixels still have one of the best value for money on the market. They easily compete with the iPhone 15, or even better in the photo.

The Pixel 8 is on Amazon for a crazy price, here:

I’m taking advantage of the offer on the Pixel 8

This year, Amazon’s Black Friday Week runs from November 17th (yesterday) to November 27th (next Monday). As usual, this is a special run open to everyone – unlike Prime Day, for example. So everyone has a chance to get a Pixel 8 at this great price. On the other hand, only the fastest will manage to order the phone before the stock runs out: there will be no restocking and the stock could disappear by the minute. This happened within a few hours yesterday on PS5.

Why choose the excellent Pixel 8?

Google introduced the Pixel 8 in October at the same time as the Pixel 8 Pro, which is a cut above in terms of performance and price. Its technical sheet is generous: it has been designed so that the smartphone’s quality-price ratio is convincing at all levels. On the visible part, the manufacturer offers a beautiful 6.2-inch AMOLED screen compatible with HDR with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The Pixel 8’s greatest quality is photography. Since the first generation of smartphones, Google has put a lot of emphasis on this element, which contributes a lot to the success of its phones. The model therefore benefits from a dual photo module consisting of a 50 Mpx wide-angle sensor and a 12 Mpx ultra-wide-angle sensor. At the front, the brand bets on a 10.5 Mpx sensor integrated directly into the panel using a small punch. These technical elements combined with top image processing make it possible to capture truly remarkable photos and videos.

However, the manufacturer does not skimp on the rest of the technical sheet. The Pixel 8 is therefore equipped with a 4,575 mAh battery that lasts the smartphone for more than 24 hours and up to 72 hours with ultra battery saver. The advantage is also fast charging and wireless charging, so the phone will never run out of power, other no less pleasant features.

I’m taking advantage of the offer on the Pixel 8

Finally, the Pixel 8 spec sheet concludes with a Tensor G3 chip with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Developed specifically for its smartphones by Google, this processor offers all the performance a phone needs to keep mobile apps and games always running smoothly. There’s obviously Android on top of that, which enhances the day-to-day user experience.

Amazon went Black Friday crazy

Overall, the Pixel 8 is a smartphone that appeals on all levels. Both its technical qualities and its design, which is modern and different at the same time. The brand chose to place the photo module in a thin strip that occupies the entire length of the back of the phone. It has also added an anti-fingerprint layer to the latter, while the model is IP68 certified to resist water and dust.

The Pixel 8 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of the year. If the quality-price ratio was already good, it will become really crazy with this flash offer from official Amazon. Whether your phone is getting tired or you want to replace it with a more modern model, this model has everything to satisfy you, meet your expectations. If it wasn’t, you must return it to the online retailer free of charge by January 31, 2024 for a full refund.

In the case of Black Friday, Amazon abandons the 30-day opt-out period for this longer period. If you were in a bit of a rush to buy the Pixel 8, no problem. It’s also perfect if you want to take advantage of the best prices of the year to order Christmas gifts, as you’ll have all of January to return them if you need to. At the same time, the online merchant always offers fast and free delivery of this reference and all others. The manufacturer’s warranty is included in the price, it is two years.

This special operation is the perfect time to find bestsellers at never-before-seen prices. If the Pixel 8 is in the spotlight right now, you’ll also find gems from Apple, Sony, Bose, Philips Hue… It’s the annual gathering of all the big brands on Amazon. The only limitation is to be keen enough once a deal catches your eye, as no offer is sustainable during this massive event. It’s best to be quick so you don’t see the object of your desire pass you by.

The Pixel 8 is available at a discounted price from Amazon here:

I’m taking advantage of the offer on the Pixel 8

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