Taxes: how to respond to a tax audit?

Most often, taxpayers are not informed about the tax audit. 63879911/Bacho Photo –

OUR ADVICE – A simple request for an explanation or a real questioning of a tax return, we guide you in dealing with the requests of the tax authorities.

Getting a letter from the tax authorities is never pleasant. A simple request for clarification or an actual challenge to a statement should always be answered. You still need to know what the tax authorities expect and how to deal with their requests.

Are taxpayers informed about the audit?

Most often not, because it is a simple document check to verify the compliance of income and property declarations. The tax administration relies on all the information and documents available to it (notary records, information from employers, banks, etc.). At the end of this review, he can close the file, continue the investigation and request additional information or send a proposal for correction.

More rarely (2,293 in 2022), when justified by financial problems and the complexity of the file, the tax authorities resort to a contradictory examination of the tax situation of natural persons (ESFP). The auditor then analyzes the consistency between the income declared for tax…

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