Taxes: consider paying monthly property taxes

IF you’re a homeowner, you haven’t missed this: your property tax return just reminded you of the amount you’ll have to pay this year. By default, you will need to pay this amount in one lump sum – before the deadline on October 16 or 21, depending on your situation.

But if the pressure is too much and you have trouble paying several hundred euros at once, there is a solution: request a monthly payment of this property tax. That’s what Virginie and Olivier, two fortysomethings from Yvelines, did three years ago: “Every time we were tricked when it was time to go back to school. Rather than spending €2,000 in October, we now prefer to spread the cost over the whole year. » Their samples are now taken in ten installments, from January to October. Or 200 euros per month, without additional costs.

To subscribe to this option, you must be based in France and have a bank account. The request is made on the website, from your personal area or by telephone at the number indicated on your tax notice. However, this is not possible in the first tax year: you must have already been taxed once, and the monthly payment is calculated from the previously paid tax.

Avoid the late penalty

In addition to smooth repayment, monthly installments have other advantages: it allows you to avoid a 10% late payment penalty (if you ever forget the payment date) and possibly an overdraft (if your budget is tight to begin with). school year).

On the other hand, uncertainty regarding the final amount to be paid cannot be avoided. And you have to wait to find out if your property tax is going up… Monthly ratepayers have to wait until the third week of September to get a notification, while others get it at the end of August.

If you decide to activate the monthly payment, know that it is already too late for the 2023 property tax. But there is still time for next year. If you join before December 15th, withdrawals will begin on January 15th, 2024. After December 15th, withdrawals will begin in February. Samples are then collected on the 15th of the month (or the first working day if the 15th is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday). It is not possible to choose another date.

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