Rugby - France team: Patrick Arlettaz ready to introduce his Catalan playing philosophy to Fabien Galthie and the Blues

Rugby – France team: Patrick Arlettaz ready to introduce his Catalan playing philosophy to Fabien Galthie and the Blues

The Catalan was unveiled this Friday at the foot of the Pic St-Loup in his new outfit as XV attack coach. France. Without pressure and with some confidence, the transplant works well with the blue tracksuit… Although he is happy to find some red on his new clothes.

Patrick Arlettaz with something other than red or yellow on his shoulders… Not so common. He smiles to himself: “Yes, this track suit suits me, but it takes some getting used to. After looking at his new outfit, he ponders and calms down with humor. “There is still red in blue, white, red!”

By Patrick Arlettaz in the text. But it is true that we will now have to get used to seeing the former USAP manager in the France XV squad. Fabien Galthié presented him to Pic St-Loup Rugby Club this Friday, November 24, along with Nicolas Jeanjean, the new managing director, and another Catalan, Laurent Sempéré, who forms the new leading forward pairing with William Servat.

Patrick Arlettaz did not believe in this role until the last moment, that is, until the victory of USAP in Grenoble in the “Access match” at the end of last season. “Fabien and I had a great chat, especially in Catalonia when we went out to eat togetherreveals the Catalan. I never sought this position. I watched it on TV so when it happened I didn’t hesitate. It’s a kind of recognition of his work, especially since he came looking for me despite my atypical background.”

“Ensure that the French team perform at their best with the ball”

If he believes he is not the best coach “bankable”, However, there is no additional pressure. and anyway “I am a Catalan coach, in Perpignan we are used to pressure”, smiling. In Blue, Patrick Arlettaz comes with his personality, his openness, his life and experience, but also his game philosophy, which has put Aimé-Giral on his feet many times and which he always stuck to, even when the wind was against him. . “My mission is to make the French team as efficient as possible with the ball. It’s a big task because they’ve already performed well. Then we have to know how long he’ll have the ball. We’ll discuss that. But it’s Fabien Galthié who will choose the strategy. Once will be chosen, we will follow it and the team will have to be most effective when they have the ball.details about Catalan.

And his fifteen years of experience make him wear this costume with humility and confidence. “I know there’s an open mind in this staff, so we’ll be able to discuss at some point. Fabien isn’t closed-minded. Besides, the fact that he chose me shows that he’s not closed-minded!”jokes Patrick Arlettaz, ready to live “great excitement”February 2 at the Vélodrome stadium for his first match VI. Tournament of Nations v Ireland. “I’ll go with all naivety and character. I’m not afraid, but I’m excited!”

In his only selection as a player for the France team, the Catalan, then a USAP player, scored 2 tries against Romania. Hopefully this new blue suit will continue to bring him good luck.

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