Refinery margins, a point of contention between oil companies, distributors and the government

“We will ask the fuel manufacturers to try if their margin is too big.” After the gestures obtained from several players in the mass distribution, the escortELisabeth Borne wants to be offensive about the spike in fuel prices. “Every penny counts for purchasing power”insists Matignon, who is now targeting refinery profits to cut prices at the pump.

After the meeting with the Prime Minister on September 26, most major retail brands announced that they were going to generalize sales operations at their stations at cost price. Unfortunately, the measure will not be enough to provide permanent relief to the wallets of the French. “There is no room for maneuverfuel trader L’Usine Nouvelle reported a few weeks ago. The net margin for distributors is between 0.5 and 2 cents per litre, which is not much.”

It is out of the question for the government to touch fuel taxes, which generate more than €40 billion a year in revenue for the public purse. “Decrease in the amount of 10 cents internal consumption taxes on energy products (TICPE) cost the state 4.4 billion euros., featured on October 2 on Franceinfo Olivia Grégoire, Minister in charge of small and medium enterprises. The government is therefore turning to refiners whose net margins have increased since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022.

The state will examine the margins of refineries


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