Real estate: property prices are falling in the region after the post-Covid fever

In the current real estate environment, Nissa la Bella (Nice) is an exception: it is one of the two major cities, along with Marseille, where housing prices continued to increase in October, according to MeilleursAgents data, by 6.3% compared to +2.3% for the city Marseilles. But prices are falling in other capitals, notably in Bordeaux (-8.3%) and Lyon (-8.4%).

In the capital of Gaul, “prices are also being negotiated in the mentioned districts, where some apartments that did not meet the extraordinary criteria have increased too much”, notes Maître Pierre Bazaille, responsible for statistics in the Rhône-Alpes region. An observation shared by Brice Cardi, president of the L’Adresse network of agencies: “Prices are falling all the more quickly as they jumped sharply and quickly after the health crisis everywhere in France. After the shopping spree, the market has its excesses.”

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The consciousness of the reversal is sometimes brutal, as in Nantes,

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