Property buyers are in a strong position to negotiate prices

It is easier for buyers to use negotiations to their advantage when buying real estate. This follows from the latest LPI-IAD barometer. With a national negotiation margin of up to 10% of the price.

Never before have buyers been in such a strong position to push prices down. Bargaining power is particularly strong where sellers have not yet sufficiently revised their prices. The most striking example: the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Here we approach 9% negotiation margins for apartments and exceed 10% for houses.

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Because big city dealers in the industry are clearly having trouble coming down on prices. They are still not really falling in Montpellier and prices are still rising by almost 13% in one year in Perpignan and 11% in Nîmes.

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Ile-de-France, difficult negotiations

Among the other regions where the margins reach the maximum: Limousin and Upper Normandy are around 9%-10% for apartments. Lorraine, Brittany, Champagne-Ardenne, Picardy and Midi-Pyrénées oscillate around a 7%-8% negotiation margin.

On the contrary, the Ile de France and the Rhône-Alpes region belong to those where we negotiate the least, a roughly 5% price reduction can be expected. Because here, for once, the remedy is already clear and permanent.

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