PER: tips for reducing income tax with retirement savings

There are only a few weeks left to reduce your income tax in 2023. Why not use the massive tax-free weapon that is a retirement savings plan to achieve your goals? PER in question “Great Meeting on Savings” (Capital / Radio Patrimoine). In the final part of our interview, Vincent Martins, CEO of Wakerstone, gives you some tips on how to make the most of this tax envelope.

You probably know: the payments you make on your FOR allows you to achieve significant tax savings. In fact, you can deduct up to 10% of your professional income limit 35,194 euros. If your income does not reach the maximum, you have the option to repay at least 4,114 euros and deduct them in full from taxable income. If you want to know exactly the amount deductible from your income, it couldn’t be easier, explains Vincent Martins. “There are a few little lines on your tax return that mention your capRetirement Savings»explains the expert.

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But you can deduct much more from your taxable income. Firstly, if you have never paid into a pension fund before. “Your cap will increase until year N-3, ie 2020”, continues Vincent Martins. Better yet, if he doesn’t need it, you might as well to serve you within the pension savings limit your husband Which for the most part exceed the threshold of 10% of your income pros and multiply your cap by nearly eight to be met for 2023.


PER: how to optimize pension savings limits in 2023?

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