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As part of France 2030, innovation competitions run by Bpifrance on behalf of the state provide support to researchers and French deeptech companies through the i-PhD and i-Lab components. The key is the offer of services adapted to the level of maturity of the start-ups concerned, including subsidies of 600,000 euros.

The government announces the opening of applications for its i-PhD and i-Lab innovation competitions funded by France 2030 and run by Bpifrance. Target? Support the development of deeptech start-ups in France, from the laboratory to the establishment of businesses, and stimulate their growth. To this end, the state significantly supports young companies, especially deeptech, by offering various measures depending on the maturity of the projects (support, training, financing, enhanced communication, etc.). With the ambition to stimulate the entrepreneurial profession of young doctors, the i-PhD competition aims to support the development of innovative startups in conjunction with technology transfer organizations and public research incubators.

For this 5th year, it is intended for doctoral students who must defend their thesis within two years after the year of the competition, or for doctors who defended their thesis less than five years ago. To apply, researchers must be supported in their business start-up project by a technology transfer organization or a public research incubator. Each i-PhD winner benefits from an annual support that allows him to accelerate his project, create a network of colleagues and partners and improve his entrepreneurial position (through mentoring, collective training, joint sessions, educational expeditions organized for the winners). Enough to gain visibility while accessing funding from Bpifrance. In 4 editions, 158 winners were awarded and 37 main prizes were also awarded. 43% of winners created a start-up after the i-PhD program. Registration must be made at the Bpifrance depository by March 29, 2024.

Almost 4000 winning projects supported by the state

The i-Lab competition, which is already taking place on the 26thE the issue is aimed at uncovering projects to create innovative technology companies; supports the best of them through financial aid and tailored support. This funding program takes the form of a grant of up to 600,000 euros. It plays a key supporting role for young technology companies by enabling them to finance and accelerate their start-up project. On offer is assistance in conducting market or feasibility studies, experiments or creating prototypes/pilots, product development, intellectual property formalities, etc. The selected start-ups are “creative-development” projects whose technical, economic and legal feasibility have been proven and which in the short term, they can lead to the creation of business or innovation projects implemented by companies. years old.

In 25 editions, no less than 3,800 winners were awarded and 16 i-Lab startups completed their IPOs. As of 2019, 490 start-ups have received 4 billion euros and 1/3 of the jobs created in deeptech were created by the winning companies of the i-Lab competition. The 2020 Research Programming Law (LPR) also set a target of 500 deeptech startups per year by 2030 and 10 unicorns by 2030. It is to achieve this ambition that the plan for the start-up of enterprises and industrial SMEs in France by 2030 has been launched in 2022. Application files must be submitted to the Bpifrance website by noon on February 1, 2024.

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