New properties: developers forced to make commercial gestures about prices

Posted on October 29, 2023 at 2:00 pm.Updated October 30, 2023 at 4:37 p.m.

“Take advantage of an instant discount of up to €50,000”, “Repaid up to €600 per month for four years”, “Up to €1,500/month offered for eighteen months”… Are these events for travel, for refueling or for the sale of new vehicles? Nothing like that. These attractive offers come from Kaufman & Broad, Cogedim and Nexity. There is a time for sales among developers… in spite of themselves. “Bercy, we have a problem! You don’t understand the severity of the housing crisis, warns the Federation of Real Estate Developers (FPI) in a press release dated October 17. 2022 was the worst year on record so far… 2023 promises to be even worse. Figures for the third quarter of 2023 show that sales fell by 44%! And sales to individuals hit a low point of less than 16,000 new homes sold (up from the 27,000 homes quarterly average in recent years). If nothing changes, in 2023 sales to individuals will be below 70,000 compared to the annual average of 120,000…” For its president, Pascal Boulanger, the government is witnessing with closed eyes “a predicted disaster.

“While our fellow citizens struggle to find housing like students who go through the real test of finding accommodation, the passivity of public authorities highlights the drying up of new supply, necessary for the smoothness of the residential journey. »
It must be said that for the buyer, the price per square meter (m2) of new housing is often discouraging. According to the latest FPI barometer, in Lille (north), for example, it costs an average of €4,261/m2 for a new apartment without parking, compared to €3,650/m2 in an old one. In Angers (Maine-et-Loire), where demand and prices have soared since foreclosure, new properties are selling for an average of almost €4,000/m2 compared to €3,316/m2 for old properties! Even worse, in Montpellier (Hérault) the price difference is even greater: €5,120/m2 for new buildings and €3,512/m2 for old buildings.

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