Narbonne stumbles home

The Narbonnais were picked up at home by opportunists from Hérault. The latter will benefit from an efficiency that will be sorely lacking in the Narbonne.

However, the Narbonnais did the hardest part. Facing a very solid Lunel formation, FUN found a mistake with Hicham Khalkha’s cross on the left side, who was able to serve Amine Hakkar brilliantly in the penalty area. We barely crossed the half-hour mark and told ourselves that this Narbonne team, the best defense in the home championship, was well on its way.

Unfortunately, the satisfaction will only be short-lived. On a second poorly cleared ball, center forward Gueye quickly leveled the scores (40th) with a cross from the right that Giraud could only parry away. Frustrating on the first real chance for Hérault, Narbonnais came very close to scoring on several occasions in this first period. But neither Leveque (9th), nor Aouladchaib (11th), both on a centered shot, nor Hicham Chalkha (26th), alone with a header in front of the goals, will succeed. Failures that will have consequences for the future, especially with everything left to do at half-time (1-1).

But the second half starts in the worst possible way. Lunel’s long cross almost at the far post found the head of Vigneron, who surprised the defense and the Narbonne goalkeeper with a nice release (1-2, 46.). Narbonnais may rightly or wrongly claim a goal offside, but FUN’s lack of concentration on this recovery is very real. Two chances and two goals for the inhabitants of Hérault, who knew not to panic.

An incredible double opportunity

The rest of the match will be indicative of Narbonne’s difficulty making a play, or rather his perceived lack of will to want to make one. Multiplying long balls, a narbonnaise habit that had proved effective up to that point, FUN insisted he wanted to play forward without being able to beat the Lunelois block.

However, on the hour, Narbonnais will have an incredible double opportunity to come back. If the first strike on his line is saved by the forest of Hérault’s feet, skipper Yacyne Chalkha, impressive from the start, fails to chip the ball at point blank range, which scrapes against the crossbar of a beaten Lunelois. Here again the Narbonnai missed the boat.

Especially from five minutes, when Mogarra, who entered the game, went on the counter-attack to aggravate and close the score in two stages.

An afternoon to forget for FUN, the disappointment of which will be as high as the ambition put into this meeting.

In Narbonne. Sports park. Half time: 1-1.

Arbitration from Mr. Richard.

Goal for Narbonne: Hakkar (36). Goals for Lunel: Gueye (40), Winemaker (46), Mogarra (85).

Narbonne: Giraud, Oggad, Chamboro, Béboule, A. Chalkha, H. Chalkha, Hakkar, Y. Chalkha (cap.), Aouladchaib, Bouzbiba, Leveque; Oymak, Boussetta, Larab.

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