More than anywhere else in Occitania, unemployment in the Narbonne region fell by 2% in one year.

The decline in the number of job seekers in one year is more pronounced in the Narbonne basin than anywhere else in Occitania. This sub-prefectural city performs better than Toulouse, Montpellier, Béziers, Carcassonne and Perpignan. Decryption.

These numbers are meant to be encouraging, although caution remains in order, while indicators at the national level are rather grim. According to INSEE data, unemployment in France is set to rise again to 7.4% (+0.2%) in the third quarter of 2023, with an increase of up to 17.6% (+0.7%) among 18-24 year olds. According to economists, the consequence is a global slowdown, a tightening of the central bank’s monetary policy and geopolitical tensions. The Banque de France also predicts a deterioration with a figure of 7.9% of job seekers by the end of 2024.

Away from this coming period of turbulence, the job market in the Narbonne area is doing relatively well. More than anywhere else in the Aude department and neighboring towns, unemployment fell by 2% in one year, while it rose by 0.9% in Carcassonne, 2.9% in Perpignan and 0.3% in Montpellier. And that it is -0.5% in Béziers and stable in Toulouse and -0.1% throughout the Aude.

Thus, in the Narbonne sector, unemployment affected 16,839 people at the end of September and there was a year-on-year decrease in registrations to Pôle emploi services by 7.2%. 49% of them are qualified employees and half have a high school diploma or higher.

Worrying drop in job offers in September

This is good news. On the other hand, the month of September 2023 is much more worrying than the month of September 2022. In fact, the public body collected only 746 job offers, i.e. 22.8% less than the same month a year ago. This decrease is more than double the Aude average (-9.2%).

In the last twelve months, Pôle emploi received 9,451 offers, representing a year-on-year decrease of 5.9%. 49% were contracts for more than 6 months. Services are the leading claimants with 4,575 offers, again down 13.1% in one year. This is followed by temporary work (2,644 offers, +7.7%), trade (1,224 offers, -11.9%), industry (447, +21.5%), construction (347 offers, 0%) and agriculture (214 offers, -4.5%).

The 20 most requested professions in the last 12 months by employers

1, Kitchen staff. 2, Help with adults. 3, Catering service. 4, Management of long-distance freight transport. 5, Versatile catering staff. 6, Business relationships with major accounts and companies. 7, Home Services. 8, Cleaning the premises. 9, Self-service racks. 10, Automotive mechanic. 11, Floor staff. 12. Immerse yourself in catering. 13, Storage and preparation of orders. 14, Cafe, bar, brasserie. 15, Sale of food. 16, Preparation of construction works and public works. 17, Management and delivery of short-distance tours. 18, General nursing care. 19, Zednické. 20, Drive of earth and mining equipment.

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