Lotto: they took a bad day to validate their network and become multi-millionaires

Luck. Maybe fate. A couple living in Deux-Sèvres will surely remember for the rest of their lives what they could have considered a fatal mistake that ended up changing their lives, La Française des jeux (FDJ) reports on its website. Each week, a man and a woman play the same numbers with a routine: every Saturday. The husband goes to his tobacco press in Niorto every week and checks his lotto grid. It is usually checked on the first day of the weekend, but at the beginning of October, forgets to check the desired drawing day.

Result: her grid is verified, but… for Wednesday, October 11th. In an interview with FDJ he says: “I was disappointed to see the wrong day on the match confirmation, but my regret was short-lived. This combination of circumstances is the happiest in the world.” Why ? Because the jackpot was at stake this day twelve million euros. And miraculously the numbers came out 6, 10, 15, 16, 24 and also the lucky number 8. Within seconds the error changed everything. A sign of fate perhaps for this couple from Deux-Sèvres who preferred to remain anonymous.


Lotto: make a bad drawing day… and win 5 million euros!

Travel, shop and support the association

Especially since more than twenty-five years ago they already won an amount in the Lotto, but much less: “At that time we were able to do some work on our new house. Today we will be able to buy the whole house.”, Française des jeux explain with amusement. With twelve million euros they certainly have what it takes to keep coming. Apparently they have projects, but they describe that they have “values”they don’t have “I don’t want to change”.


Keno player wins twice with the same numbers: cumulative jackpot, 1.6 million euros!

They should be able to please those around them and travel as they admitted: “There are so many tempting destinations. We would love to explore Japan or the west coast of the United States. We also appreciate short stays, European capitals open their arms to us.” If they also want to get a “pied-à-terre in Paris”their generosity will hopefully lead them to buy a house by the sea in “welcome family and friends”. They will also continue to support associationslike them “Always, but in larger proportions”. With this amount, they become the biggest winners in Deux-Sèvres. The previous record was from 1995, when more than 6.8 million euros were won.

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