Lemon on the move: we should avoid Temo, save on heating, the “green” cobalt scandal and the Nintendo Switch 2

This week’s summary: three reasons why you should avoid buying goods on Temu, our energy advice, how to save on your heating bill, how Renault and BMW are involved in the ‘green’ cobalt scandal in Morocco and finally everything you need to know o Nintendo Switch 2, however, several indications suggest that the company is indeed preparing the next generation of its last big selling hit – which is approaching its 7th anniversary.

Why you absolutely must turn away from Temu: 3 reasons

Them is the latest name for e-commerce sites that sell a variety of items at particularly aggressive prices. However, as with Wish and other similar sites, the result is the same: customers (the company claims 900 million worldwide…) end up with poor quality products – even if they actually meet CE standards. , which isn’t always the case – delivery times, often very long, are completely unpredictable (which isn’t great for Christmas shopping) and the business also takes advantage of its customers much more than ‘they don’t think. We invite you to know everything about Temu and the explanation why you should avoid buying there.

How to prevent your electricity or gas bill from getting too hot

heating energy thermostat 2023

As we enter the second winter of an era where the price of gas, like the price of electricity, is particularly high, it is wise to take a few steps save heating. You probably already know the government advice which is to set your temperature around 19°C, or if that’s not possible, lower your usual temperature by at least 1°C to get significant results on the account. This week we answer another frequently asked question by Internet users: when you leave home, is it better to turn down the heat or turn it off completely?

How did Renault and BMW fall into the trap of “green” cobalt mined in Morocco?

Electric cars Renault Zoe

BMW has been communicating on cobalt “green” used in the batteries of their electric cars. Due to, we think, the success of this campaign, the French manufacturer Renault decided to use the same cobalt mine – the Bou Azzer mine in Morocco – because of the very “green” communication and “responsible” mining of its owner, Managem. However, the investigation reveals a completely different reality on the ground; between the massive use of subcontracting, the lack of protection against toxic dust and the massive pollution of the vast area around the mine, we invite you to learn more in this article.

Nintendo Switch 2 is coming: everything you need to know

Why Nintendo Switch Oled Red Super Mario Copy

As the first version of the Nintendo Switch approaches 7 years from the end of the company’s usual console life cycle, it seems that Nintendo is preparing Nintendo Switch 2. The topic is no longer an absolute taboo, either on Nintendo’s side in Japan or in the United States – and information is starting to emerge about their new Nvidia Tegra chip, among other things. Find out everything we know about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 at this stage.

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