Keys to checking your property tax is correct

Property taxes have risen everywhere in France since last year. ADOBE STOCK

OUR ADVICE – You have until mid-October to pay property tax. But did you check the amount? Despite the updates, the computing fundamentals remain outdated. Here are the points to check to make sure the amount you are asking for matches the true value of your property.

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If you own your main residence, have a second home or rent out property, you have received a property tax notice and sometimes a housing tax notice for one of these properties. Since last year, this local taxation has increased everywhere in France, as cadastral rent values ​​increase by 7.1% in 2023, mechanically increasing local taxes by the same proportion.

However, if they serve as a basis for the tax administration’s calculation, they are rarely up to date, as recent snags in property acquisition returns have shown. To make sure you’re paying the correct amount of property tax, check the rental value that appears on your tax return. In the event of an obvious error to your disadvantage, you can adjust the elements so that they are taxed at the fair value of your assets.

Understanding the value of renting

The first step is to get a “assessment sheet” of the rental value…

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