Invest in furnished and profitable rental properties with Mon Majord’home

“Investing in rental properties is proving to be a real opportunity,” assures Aurélien Garbarz, co-founder of Mon Majord’Home, a real estate investment specialist that offers its clients custom turnkey projects.

So, despite a particularly turbulent economic environment, it may be worth getting started. “There is never an ideal time to invest,” assures the specialist.

Big powerrental investment resides inbank leverage : we finance the acquisition through the rental income it generates. “The later you start, the later you reap your gains. It is necessary to make the best use of the current market conditions,” he emphasizes.

Real opportunities to invest in rental properties

Although rising interest rates may be a deterrent to some, it is still possible renegotiate these rates In the coming years. In this context, buyers with financial capacity or available savings are in an advantageous position for negotiating attractive purchase prices. Rents that are indexed to inflation, combined with rate renegotiations, open the way to lower monthly loan payments in the short and medium term, thereby strengthening the profitability of the investment over time.

Moreover, rents are expected to continue to rise. Indeed, By 2034, 5.2 million homes will be prohibited from renting without adequate energy renovation, while the building shortage already exists. This situation will put increasing pressure on the rental market, which will favor real estate investors.

Renovate the old to optimize your rental investment

The recent “Climate and Resilience” law, the most avant-garde in terms of energy renovation, strongly urges owners to modernize your property. This makes this approach almost essential for renting apartments, studios or furnished accommodation. Old properties, often characterized by poor energy requirements, can be obtained under more favorable conditions. Fortunately, renovation projects benefit from government support, and these improvements, in addition to increasing the value of the property, also allow for significant reductions in energy costs, which is an advantage for both selling and renting.

Define your rental investment strategy

Mon Majord’Home positions itself as an essential guide for investors, whether they prefer an aggressive, hybrid or traditional approach. Casting light on different investment paths, Aurélien Garbarz highlights the specific opportunities offered by different cities:

For optimum yield and favorable land costs:

  • Rental investment in Thionville (on the Luxembourg border): “Ideal for those looking to maximize returns in mid-sized cities”.

For medium-term development potential and performance:

For long-term stability and safe investments:

  • Rental investment in Paris: “The choice par excellence for those who want to consolidate their savings in a safe investment such as a studio in the capital”.

According to Mr. Garbarz, it is essential to determine your goals in order to align your investment with the most suitable city.

Saving time and mental stress

Mon Majord’home, created in 2020, offers its clients tailor-made and personalized support for their rental property investment projects.

“We enable investors who have neither the time nor the inclination nor the necessary cross-cutting skills – especially to conduct market research, property selection, negotiation, work management and lease management – ​​to invest with complete confidence in properties and projects that match their strategy,” he states. manager. Present in Paris, Île-de-France, Lille, Metz, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Le Havre and soon in Lyon, Mon Majord’home stands out for its educational approach.

“This is a real time saver for investors, as this type of research requires approximately 250 hours: we free them from the mental burden during the entire process,” the manager emphasizes.

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