INFO FRANCEINFO. Emergency accommodation: Minister of Housing announces 500 recruitments

An envelope of almost 5 million euros will also be released for the social network Samu, added Patrice Vergriete at franceinfo.



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Housing Minister Patrice Vergriete, 7 November 2023 at franceinfo.  (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

Housing Minister Patrice Vergriete announced the recruitment on Tuesday, November 7, on franceinfo “500 more employees” on Samu social “for 115, vandalism and daily income”either “a third of the workforce more”. The minister wishes “strengthen social monitoring” respond to the emergency housing crisis as winter break begins.

The government also released an envelope of 4.7 million euros “all employers” Samu social, in the form of bonuses for employees. The distribution of this envelope has not yet been defined and the amount of remuneration will be decided by the employers themselves, which, however, corresponds “around 1,200 euros per year for each employee”.

Patrice Vergriete acknowledges that 115 does not “not quite satisfactory”. According to the barometer of the Federation of Actors of Solidarity (FAS), published on August 30 on the night of August 21-22 in France, it was not possible to accommodate 3,735 people in families who dialed the number 115. lack of free or suitable places despite over 203,000 emergency accommodation places . “With these additional resources, 115, patrols and daily income, they will be able to respond better to the increase in demands, they should be more operational.”judge Patrice Vergriete, who travels in the evening to Sam’s lounge in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.

“Emergency accommodation must be of a temporary nature”

That should enable it “relieve congestion to 115”, emergency call for homeless people, but also “Better Follow the Homeless” and their “find a housing solution”. “It’s really a priority”the minister insists. “We’ve gone from 93,000 accommodation places just before 2017 to 203,000 today, we can clearly see that the effort has been made, warns the minister. However, emergency accommodation must be temporary. The priority is to return people to housing. It is not normal for people to stay in emergency accommodation for five years. I can’t resign myself to more people on the streets.”assures the Minister of Housing Patrice Vergriete.

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