Individual employer, employee at home: a new platform to simplify your procedures

Almost 5 million. This is the number of French people involved in domestic work (child care, household and housework, academic support, food preparation, etc.). Detailed according to 2023 edition from the Home Employment Observatory annual report, in 2021 there were 1.3 million employees (-2.4% in one year) and 3.3 million individual employers (+0.9% in one year), or 11.4% of French households using home employment. AND “We owe each of these 5 million people clear information”stated Marie Béatrice Levaux, President of the Sectoral Strategy of the Federation of Private Employers of France (Fepem), during a press conference presenting “Work from home in France”a new platform bringing together all players in the sector, which will be officially launched on Wednesday 22 November during a parade of mayors and local authorities.

The primary objective of this platform is therefore to enable easy access to information for individual employers and domestic workers. “Information about this sector today is very scattered, very rich and not entirely accurate. The main challenge today is therefore to give reliable and complete information», insists Pierre-Olivier Ruchenstain, Executive Director General of Fepem. Specifically, from the launch of the platform, users will have access to a set of information regarding employment contract connecting the individual employer with the employee at home. Employees will also have access to a database of information about their rights (vocational training, social security, pension premiums, etc.). “The information will be raw and we will send employees to sites that activate individual rights”specifies Pierre-Olivier Ruchenstain.


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Employees will also have access to offers available in the home employment sector. A fundamental problem when we know it By 2030, 800,000 positions will be filled in the field. Users of the platform will also benefit from a tool that will allow them to geolocate the nearest point of France Services, a local service that aims to provide them with additional information about employment at home. And more generally, France emploi domicile also aims to be a news website so that individual employers and domestic workers have regular information about new developments in their sector.

Towards the integration of a declaration tool for individual employers

From 2024, additional services should be added to the platform. “In particular, we hope to be able to integrate a declarative tool in cooperation with the Urssaf National Fund. It is currently being discussed and put into operation”, points out Pierre-Olivier Ruchenstain. Today, individual employers are actually using personal services to pay and award universal service employment control (Cesus). The declaration is made online at Website from Urssaf dedicated to Ces. “This site is historically the most famous and most identified by French home-based workers. Cesu plebiscite no longer needs to be demonstrated, but it does not solve everything: it does not provide the information that France emploi domicil will provide. So these are pages complementary», explains Marie Béatrice Levaux. Ultimately, therefore, the new home employment platform is designed to integrate the statement card through Ces.


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From 2025, information regarding prevention and health at work should also be available at the French emploi domicile. And by 2026 a real tool for direct connection between individual employers and employees in the field of personal services. The aim will be to enable them to promote their career path and the training they have completed in this context, enabling employers to identify thanks to “quite a visual mechanism”according to Pierre-Olivier Ruchenstain employees with a profile corresponding to their needs.

Try to reduce problems with the attractiveness of the industry

With access to reliable and verified information for employees, one of the platform’s goals is therefore to strengthen the attractiveness of home employment professions at a time when the sector recruitment difficulties. It regularly features, for example, the professions of domestic helper and household care annual top 20 occupations experiencing the greatest recruitment challenges despite strong hiring intentions. According to the survey carried out by Pôle emploi in 2023 on the labor needs of employers, these professions are therefore in third place in the ranking. And even, “Our sector pays on average two or three euros net above the hourly minimum wage. An employee who is well organized can therefore earn a decent amount of money.says Pierre-Olivier Ruchenstain.

Assuming you have the correct information. “At the moment, there are platforms everywhere in personal service, more or less legal, more or less clear. French emploi domicil is not just another personal service platform. This is a work from home platform In France”concludes Marie Béatrice Levaux.

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