Income tax return: mistake, oversight… here’s how to fix it by December 6

Taxpayers still have a little over two weeks, up to and including December 6, to correct their 2023 income tax return online. To access the correction service, they must log in to their specific area on the impots website. Gov. After connecting “you must click on ‘Access Online Correction’ to correct errors or mention omissions”, denotes the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP). A service that is also available to households using it automatic declaration.

Among the possible fixes, you can adjust elements related to dependents, income, expenses, tax credits and credits or even wealth tax (IFI). The tax administration also offers the possibility to add or delete additional declarations, e.g. declarations of property income or capital gains. Technical accuracy: be careful to make corrections using a computer. “Correcting a tax return online is not possible on a smartphone or tablet”resembles DGFiP.

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Conversely, some elements cannot be edited directly behind the computer. This applies in particular to data related to marital status, marital status, address of tax residence as of January 1, 2023, the designation of a trusted third party or even the addition of the address of a student attached to his parents’ tax household.

To change these parameters, you have two solutions: the first is to send a corrected income statement by post to your public finance center “completed with an explanatory letter and accompanied by supporting documents stating that this paper declaration supersedes and replaces your first online declaration”clarifies Bercy.

Another solution: use your secure messaging in your private space at, all in “by clicking on the tab “Enter” and selecting the form “I report an error in the calculation of tax”, then “My request concerns income tax or social security contributions”. “You can attach supporting documents by clicking the ‘Add Document’ button”details of DGFiP.


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In the case of a paper declaration, a correction letter is required

Taxpayers who used a paper form to complete their tax return this spring cannot use the online correction service. There is no choice for the latter… You must either send a letter to your Public Finance Center stating the elements that need to be adjusted or submit a corrective statement. “In this case, you must provide the CORRECTED AND REPLACED CORRECTED STATEMENT on page 1 and re-enter all elements to be declared, including the correct elements of the 1st statement”the tax administration insists.

What to do after December 6?

After December 6, Bercy’s online declaration service will be closed. However, it will always be possible to edit your statement. How ? By filing a complaint in your personal space at in the section “I am reporting an error in my tax calculation”. Another option: send a letter to your public finance center stating the reason for your complaint. A complaint that will be possible by law until December 31, 2025. If the repair is particularly complex, one solution consists of go directly to your public finance center. You need to go through the section to make an appointment “Contact” in your personal online space.

What is the reaction of the tax administration?

“Once your application has been processed, you will be sent a correction notice by post, in most cases within approximately 3 weeks”, warns Bercy. If there is no response from the tax administration, you should not hesitate to follow up.


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