Ille full bank against VARL

The Illois respected their lexicon and their opponent. Often ready to break up, but never give up. The Market Gardeners, lurking in their camp like a ray under the sand and waiting for the opponent to stab him better, kept their backs and put on speed, especially on the particularly powerful right side, to come and extinguish Villegailhenc, who made Villegailhenc , come to hit the bottle .

But the Illois never gave up, even after the “Kinder” test offered by Ludovic Renu (1), who saw the opening of the Red Sea before him. There is no time to rest and after Mathieu Bénet (6) Hugo Borras came and finished on the right side (6-6). Hugo Borras (12) who reinvented the myth of the magic carpet to fly inside Maxime Soul for his second attempt (12-6). The third blade was signed by Diego Reynier (14), in a one-two with Mathieu Bénet (18-6). Audois multiplied in defence, but could do nothing with the attempt of Thibault Margalet (24), who recovered an off-centre kick from Nicolas Burghoffer (24-6) under the posts.

A period of improvement followed by a big defensive session allowed Illois to hold on to a good end in a half where we felt a VARL rebellion was brewing. It was formed at the beginning of the second half with a try by Clément Soubeyras (24-12). They held on in front of the goal line for about ten minutes without giving anything away and Illois, cattier than ever, regained control of the match. Maxime Soula moved to the side on the right, where Hugo Borras came to play the excess (53) and Mathieu Bénet in the face of so much audacity scarred the Aude defense to death (30-12).

A notched stitch, a knitted stitch and a new try knitted at Phildar by Mathieu Bénet, offset by Hugo Borras (59, 34-12). There was still some momentum left for Nicolas Burghoffer (73) who went through the mouse hole to score the seventh and final try (40-12).

ILLE …….. 40 VILLEGAIHENC…………………… 12

Ille-sur-Têt. Jean Galia Stadium.

Halftime: 24-6.

Referee: Mr Pilkington.

300 spectators.

For Ille: 7 attempts by Borras (6, 12), Reynier (14), Margalet (24), Bénet (53, 59), Burghoffer (73), 6 changes by Devoyon.

For Villegailhenc: 2 tries by Renu (1), Soubeyras (41), 2 conversions by Rodriguez and Marrot.

ill: Borras, Lafifi, Reynier, Dimon, M. Bénet, Soula (o), Devoyon (m), Sabathier, Burghoffer, Bernard, Capillaire, A. Le Cam, Margalet. Also: Rodriguez, Beltran, Llong, Bououda.

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