IFI: when generosity lowers your taxes

OUR ADVICE – Donations made to certain non-profit organizations or charities entitle you to an estate tax deduction. We’ll tell you how to proceed between now and May.

Donations made to non-profit or non-profit organizations not only reduce your income tax, but also give you the opportunity to reduce your estate tax (IFI). There is no need to anticipate, you can activate this tax exemption system until the last minute. All payments made before your 2024 IFI return will be charged to your tax account. And it doesn’t matter whether you are tax domiciled in France or abroad, if you are responsible for an IFI in France, you are entitled to it. However, bear in mind that the same donation does not qualify for both Income Tax Reduction and IFI Reduction, but you can split your payments to benefit from both.

You cannot give to all organizations

Please note that the list of organizations that are entitled to an IFI reduction is more limited than the list of structures that allow for a reduction in income tax. The IFI discount only applies to…

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