HR in shared time: the benefit of expertise for SMEs

HR in shared time: the benefit of expertise for SMEs

Many business leaders of SMEs or VSEs are sometimes very helpless in setting up and managing HR development, taking the right directions and/or decisions. Very often, the size of the company does not yet allow for internal HR expertise, as the cash flow does not allow for the recruitment of a full-time HR manager.

Among the beneficial solutions, time-sharing HR management allows the company to benefit from the specialist’s experience and the possible flexibility of its interventions.

According to the latest OpinionWay study conducted by Malakoff Humanis in 2022, time-sharing HR managers are the actors that VSE-SMEs would most like to turn to to manage the HR activities they cannot manage today. 9% of private companies with fewer than 250 employees outsource their HR management. Companies would like to assign a part-time HR director to define new working methods (41%), develop skills (38%) or recruit and retain talent (33%).

Time-sharing HR, a godsend

This usually has to be tailored to the specific needs of each company. He can intervene within the framework of internal HR compensation (maternity leave, sick leave, etc.) and the length of his interventions must vary according to needs. It can range from a few hours a month to a few days a week for a few months.
Depending on the company’s development, the time-shared HR manager may be required to set up recruitment relays in the company: HR assistant, hiring manager or even payroll manager. And above all, the time-shared HR manager will be able to terminate his mission as soon as the size of the company and its cash flow warrant the recruitment of a human resources manager to replace him.

The main problems encountered

A part-time HR manager takes over the functions of a full-time HR manager. This intervenes in several cases and in particular for the purpose of:

  • Comfort and support for the manager in his decision-making in terms of human resources management
  • Allow the sales manager to focus on his next mission
  • Conduct events to recruit new employees
  • Audit teams and support building high performance teams
  • Implement a training plan
  • We guarantee compliance with labor law regulations
  • Implement effective tools and processes adapted to the specifics of the company

Cooperation with a time-shared HR manager also brings credit to the company both internally and externally. It allows employees to communicate with a fully qualified contact and, in the context of recruitment, is an additional source of motivation for candidates who see it as an investment that the company makes in its good management of resources. The Company may terminate the provision of a Part-Time HR Director at any time. So don’t hesitate to discover the profession if you don’t know it and these symptoms suit you.

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