Here are the best days to get the lowest airfares

This is the question everyone is asking when booking flights: When is the best time to take advantage of the cheapest prices? While some internet users are innovating by looking for different techniques to amortize costs, using a VPN or even skiplaggingIn mid-September, Expedia published an informative annual report with plenty of advice for air travel – and at the best price – in 2024.

The study was conducted by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), a company that provides ticket settlement services between airlines and travel agencies and travel management companies that sell their products in the United States. We learn that the date the flight is booked is as important as the time before the trip is booked; the time or place used can also affect purchase prices. Flight Comparer reveals that almost 37% of people simulate their bookings at least three times before confirming their order.


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friday, saturday or sunday?

One thing is for sure: flight booking advice is different for domestic and international flights. In the first case, travelers can “book on Sunday and save approximately 25% on domestic flights,” Expedia said in its press release. In addition, the travel expert advises to leave on Saturday. This would allow for “savings of 31%”. For trips thousands of kilometers away, the rules are a little different. Still according to Expedia, booking a trip on a Sunday could save you up to “19% compared to booking on a Friday or Saturday”. Here, Friday is considered the best day, “with savings of 20% on average”.


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It is always important to monitor the development of ticket prices. Please note that the flight comparison tool indicates that prices for domestic flights tend to increase seven weeks before departure. Although international flights fluctuate less, anticipation remains the key word when booking a flight holiday. Avoid flights after 3 p.m., which are more likely to be canceled, according to the study.

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