France bankruptcy?  This film, which condemns the management of public money, is a hit on YouTube

France bankruptcy? This film, which condemns the management of public money, is a hit on YouTube

It’s the event movie of this fall! We are not talking about here “Napoleon” by Ridley Scott, but by “Three Thousand Billion: The Secret of the Bankrupt State”, produced by Contributables Associés. The film, which has been freely available on the YouTube platform for two weeks, has already exceeded 900,000 views. “We did not expect such success., a fortiori without any advertising or communication agency”, rejoices Benoît Perrin, CEO of Contributables Associés. As a result of a year’s work, this film was entirely financed by private donors to the association.

For 1 hour 40 hours, the liberal association Contributables Associés is trying to draw attention to this “evacuation of public money from the house of France”. The colossal public debt (more than 3,000 billion euros in 2023), the territorial milefeuille that leads to the ridiculous and costly functioning of local administrations, administrative control over the health system, tax and social fraud… The association pulls no punches and paints a damning picture of the situation public finances in France.


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To help her in her task, she assembled a high-profile cast: former prime minister Edouard Balladur, former rapporteur of the Court of Auditors François Ecall, and economist and professor at the École supérieure de commerce de Paris (ESCP) Jean. -Marc Daniel strongly agreed to participate in the project. “It was easy to convince them, no wanted person refused to testify!”, reveals Benoît Perrin. It must be said that Contributables Associés is the leading association of taxpayers in France.

Condemn those responsible

In addition to simple observation, the association primarily wanted to condemn those responsible who led to the financial situation we know today. “As a general rule, when it comes to public money, we never appoint responsible persons.condemns Benoît Perrin. In our document, we point out the couple’s responsibility. Namely, leaders who have voted for 50 years of unbalanced budgets and senior civil servants who renew public policies without ever seriously evaluating them.

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A lobbying tool for “economic management of public funds”, the association does not refrain from showing this document to deputies and senators. Applications for Palais Bourbon are ongoing. The goal: to convince more MPs of the urgency to act. A state of emergency that Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire and Public Accounts Minister Thomas Cazenave are fully aware of. Because in the absence of a significant recovery in France’s budgetary trajectory, “in the next three years, the next three decades of France are at stake”, Bruno Le Maire insisted in an interview with Sunday La Tribune.

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