Everyone can save 25% on train travel once a year, but no one knows about it

Everyone can save 25% on train travel once a year, but no one knows about it

During the holidays, millions of French people take the train to get to their destination. The vast majority undoubtedly miss this little-known reduction proposed by the SNCF since 1936.

Every time they go on holiday, millions of French people head to train stations to get to their destination. For most of them, traveling by train has no advantages. According to a survey by Harris Interactive for the Climate Action Network published in April 2023, respondents consider it “fast”, “green”, “safe”, “convenient” and “enjoyable”. 78% even say they use it from time to time.

On the other hand, and unsurprisingly, most criticize its accuracy and price compared to other means of transport. In fact, for nearly two out of five French people, the train option is too expensive. So 22% find that “trains are absolutely too expensive” and for 16% it’s because they don’t have enough foresight when buying a ticket.

However, there is a little-known discount that allows you to pay less for travel during a paid vacation. The device announced by Léo Lagrange when he was Secretary of State in the Popular Front government in 1936 is still valid today! This great deal is a “ticket for a year’s vacation”. It allows you to get a 25% discount once a year on a trip made by TGV Inoui, Ter or Intercités. Depending on whether the reservation is mandatory or not, the discount is calculated based on the full resort rate and the regulated rate or the regular rate 2E class, even if the journey is made in first class.

However, service-public.fr states that the annual holiday pass cannot be combined with other discounts, cards or subscriptions offered by SNCF. The trip must be round trip with a total length of at least 200 kilometers. The return journey must be scheduled within 61 days of the departure date and can be made from a station other than the arrival station on the way there (provided you are in the same fare zone).

The spectrum of people who can apply for it is wide: among others, employees, representatives of the public sector, but also domestic workers, craftsmen, farmers, job seekers receiving allowance, unemployment, pensioners, etc. The applicant can also use this discount for his spouse/ his wife, his children if they are under 21, but also his parents if he is single and lives with them.

The procedure for requesting it is as follows: you must download the form available on the SNCF website. Fill it in with the dates of your trips and have it signed by your employer. This document must then be submitted via SNCF’s ALLOUI chatbot with various supporting documents. A confirmation email is sent to the applicant. From that moment on, he can reserve tickets through a telephone advisor at number 36 35, a number open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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