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ENS de Lyon launches AILyS academic program dedicated to AI – Le Monde Informatique

The AILyS project presented as part of the call for proposals for AI Cluster France 2030 projects is coordinated by the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. The €80 million budget aims to strengthen research, training and innovation resources in the field of artificial intelligence in the Lyon and Saint-Etienne locations.

Establish an academic research center for artificial intelligence and its applications by combining training and research activities in the Lyon and Saint-Etienne regions. This is the ambition of the École normale supérieure de Lyon with the launch of an artificial intelligence project called AILyS. This scientific program brings together a consortium of around fifteen higher education institutions from the Lyon-St Étienne location. It was also selected for pre-selection during the France 2030 “IA Cluster: world AI research and training centers” call for expressions of interest. work especially on the issue of frugality. Aurélien Garivier, professor at ENS de Lyon and researcher at UMPA, is the scientific leader of the project. The total budget is EUR 80 million, consisting of a contribution of EUR 24 million from public institutions, EUR 16 million from companies and EUR 40 million in support requested from the ANR.

The idea is to rely on the site’s strengths and skills to structure what already works and then supplement actions that don’t yet exist. For example, for the fields of mathematics and informatics, which are at the heart of algorithms, laboratories are connected to Lyon 1 and ENS in Lyon in association with organizations such as Inria and CNRS. As for the actions to be created or cultivated, they concern the development of attractiveness for students in initial education, for people in further education and of course also for researchers and industrialists, without forgetting the general public and citizens. Among them, the creation of the Graduate School aims to ensure the transition from master’s studies to the doctorate and the allocation of “PhD tracks”, support systems towards the doctorate.

A cluster combining three computing centers

The program also provides for the installation of approximately thirty additional research chairs, as well as project greenhouse teams of 4 to 6 students, under the supervision of data analysis experts and research chair holders. Emphasis will also be placed on continuing education with the joint construction of a multi-year course between academia and industry. The plan also includes funding for educational, research and innovation projects through targeted calls. Another strong point of the ENS AILyS project is the MésoLyS cluster, which will connect the 3 data centers of the Lyon site to provide the necessary computing and storage resources as well as technical support.

Around twenty companies have already confirmed their wish to join the consortium as partners or contributors to projects. Their participation will mainly take the form of joint research projects with laboratories, work-study training activities or internships. Everything will be complemented by continuous training, participation in seminars and an internship forum.

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