Echo Pop: this new item is -67% off, it’s in Amazon’s best seller

This year, Black Friday Week runs from November 17th to 27th on Amazon. Not only does the online retailer use special operations to break down the prices of premium brand references, but it also targets connected objects from its own range. Thus, the e-commerce site highlights an exceptional offer on Echo Pops.

With Amazon, the new Echo Pop has seen its price drop to just 17 euros instead of 54 euros. Get an instant savings of -67% by choosing this latest model without delay. What more ? It becomes the perfect addition to equip your home with a connected object.

Otherwise, the Echo Dot 5 are also at a reduced price with a price of only 21 euros instead of 54 euros. Unlike the Echo Pop, they have a completely round sphere, while the sound quality is slightly better. The important thing is that you have a choice between these two models thanks to Amazon’s offers.

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Black Friday or not, Amazon still respects its reputation for delivery time. Its Echo Pop ships for free in a few days, which is fast enough to get it before the Christmas holidays if you were planning to give it as a gift. In addition, each model is accompanied by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Amazon has one more perk that we shouldn’t overlook with the holidays approaching: it’s pushing back the cancellation deadline to January 31, 2024. This doesn’t just apply to its Echo Pop lineup, but to its entire catalog. The online marketer knows very well that many users are impatiently waiting for this period to order Christmas gifts at a reduced price. This allows everyone to make a return in January free of charge and without explanation if necessary.

Echo Pop, a small quality accessory with great functionality

Amazon Echo Pop is the latest accessories introduced by the online retailer, officially launched in 2023. As usual, the online retailer likes to change the design of its connected objects a bit, so much so that this new version takes on the shape of a hemisphere. There is a small strip of light at the top that lights up blue when the microphone is on.

More generally, this new Echo Pop is able to respond to all your requests. You can give voice commands directly to the Amazon Alexa smart assistant, whether it’s setting a timer, asking a trivia question, getting a recipe, checking the weather, or anything else. In short, you can easily direct this little object with your voice, where it can act as a music speaker – it works with various music streaming services.

On the other hand, Echo Pops allows you to control other connected objects, even with your voice. This is very useful if you have Philips Hue bulbs or a Roborock robot vacuum, to name just a few examples. Connection between different devices is simple and easy to do.

Thanks to its elegant and simple design, this little Echo Pop fits anywhere in your home. With a price of less than 20 euros, it has everything you need now to come to your home.

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I use Echo Pop offers

I’m using the deals on the Echo Dot 5

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