Despite the reforms, France is still a tax champion

French levies represent almost half of its gross domestic product (GDP), exactly 48% according to Eurostat. 258744661/HJBC –

DECRYPT – In particular, production taxes remain twice as high as the eurozone average.

Abolition of ISF and housing tax, reform of capital taxation, reduction of corporate tax (IS), income tax (IR) and production taxes, etc. For six years, Emmanuel Macron has given the impression that he is solving the problem of French excessive taxation. on. And yet… According to Eurostat, France is still at the top of the countries with the highest rate of mandatory deductions (PO) in the Eurozone. The race was even literally won. According to the European institute, which does not follow exactly the same methodology as INSEE, French deductions represent almost half of its gross domestic product (GDP), exactly 48%. In second place is Belgium with a rate of 45.6%. Germany is at 42.1%, which is close to the Eurozone average of 41.9%.

IS in the European average

In 2020, the OP rate in France (47.5% of GDP according to Eurostat) was 5.7 points higher than the Eurozone average. This gap has…

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