De Chatouville Immobilier – real estate heritage

If the following two generations supported almost 1400 businesses as local representatives of the Française des Jeux, the idea of ​​returning to the sale of goods was born in mid-2010.

Proximity above all

In 2016 they started Éric & Olivier De Chatouville Real Estate and position themselves as investors and shareholders. In 2021, they will decide and take over the management of the company.

The affiliated family business FNAIM created its “pro” department De Chatouville Commerces et Entreprises and then experienced strong growth (+70%), which came from 30% from the sale of home goods and 70% from the transfer of business assets. “These numbers reflect our history and, above all, the trust that our customers (especially newsagents and restaurateurs) place in us,” the managers specify. Their 25 years of experience with local businesses allows them to understand the complexities of these professions. The agency therefore supports its clients in their sales or installation projects by providing them with the necessary contact book (lawyers, financiers, contractors, fitters, decorators, etc.) that will facilitate their procedures and ultimately the start of their business. . In some cases, it even allows traders to open up to new markets.

National territory as a horizon

The company is proud of its solid activity in the Provençal territory (147 ongoing sales mandates in Var and a network of more than 2,000 businesses) and relies on a historic agency in Toulon (established since 1967) composed of 3 agents for residential companies Var real estate and specialized “for “colleagues spread across the Bouches-du-Rhône, Gard, Var, Alpes-Maritimes and Hérault territories. This stable activity allows Éric and Olivier to think more and strive to establish themselves in the entire territory of the state.

For this, the company has a simple strategy: hire 40 to 50 agents in major French cities (Bordeaux, Nantes, Brest, Lille, Lyon or Paris) by 2025. in Provence, he will leave a trade in his territory. The idea is therefore to invest in these new markets by placing “professionals who know their territories (among others tobacco manufacturers, restaurateurs or sellers…). The aim is to develop De Chatouville Commerces et Entreprises by promoting their method and this proximity to their customers.

To attract new employees, the agency focuses on people by promoting mutual assistance rather than competition and developing specialized training. The aim is to keep our employees, who are the strength of De Chatouville Immobilier, as long as possible.

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