Council tax assessments have been sent in error to some taxpayers who have moved

Taxpayers have received notices about housing tax, despite the fact that it was abolished from January 1 for main residences. A mistake, Bercy admits.

Don’t panic, you won’t have to pay housing tax on your main residence. Taxpayers have received notices of the housing tax, despite the fact that it has been abolished for principal residences since January 1, Le Parisien noted. On “mistake confirmed, you will be exonerated of course. Contact us and let us know”.

To do this, simply contact Tax via the secure messaging system in your particular area or call 0 809 401 401.

Experts: Has the real estate tax replaced the housing tax? – 05/26

Where does this error come from? The old address still appears on the tax platform for some taxpayers who have moved recently. The tax software thought it was a second home. However, it is always necessary to pay housing tax for a second home.

Planned exception

For Le Parisien, DGFiP was unable to provide an exact figure for the number of taxpayers affected by the error. But she clarified: “If the mistake is confirmed, you will of course be exonerated.”

For ratepayers who are subject to housing tax on their second home, the notice is available online from November 7 for non-monthly ratepayers and from November 20 for those who are. Paper notices are available between November 8 and 20 for non-monthly payers and between November 22 and 29 for monthly payers. Payment must be made by December 15th.

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