Claiming to be using reverse manipulation tactics

Claiming to be using reverse manipulation tactics

In the fascinating and sometimes labyrinthine world of office life, reverse manipulation seems to be the latest hot topic. But make no mistake, it’s not just about mastering this subtle technique, it’s more about making people believe that you are a great guru of this strategy. Imagine the power (and mischievous pleasure) of making your colleagues believe you’re pulling the strings when you actually know nothing! Here’s how to cover your tracks and elevate your status to legendary.

Repetition is key

There’s nothing like regularly dropping hints on you “wonderful” reverse manipulation capability. During coffee breaks, during meetings, or even in emails, include phrases such as “If I were to use my secret technique on this client…” Or “I could tell you how I came up with those numbers, but then I’d have to… you know. » The more you talk about it, the more real it becomes in people’s minds.

Accept the “gear” of the manipulator

Wear big dark glasses to the office, even if it’s not sunny. Why ? Because it’s mysterious. And then always have a black notebook handy where you scribble from time to time for no apparent reason. When someone asks you what you do, simply answer: “Oh, just a few notes about reverse manipulation. »

Become a master of semi-revelation

Offer half information, excerpts from ” Advice “ which don’t really mean anything. “You know, the key is to always look the person in the eye and then blink three times quickly. Oh, but I’ve already said too much. » Your colleagues will be confused and fascinated.

Create rumors about your past deeds

Spread the noise you already have “manipulated” difficult situations thanks to your skills. “Remember the elusive contract from last year? If you only knew how I used reverse manipulation to impale him…”

Fake workshops and seminars

Mention that you attend top secret manipulation workshops and seminars where only the elite are invited. To add some realism, sometimes take your lunch in a small box and pretend it is “webinar” which you must attend during your lunch break.

Beautify your office with mysterious artifacts

Incense, mystical stones, a small Buddha or perhaps scattered tarot cards. It’s a good idea to take any item that can add to your aura as a master manipulator.

“Manipulative” appearance

Work on the intense look you give your colleagues when you want them to believe you’re trying “manipulate”. Think Sherlock Holmes or a hypnotist in action.

The art of feigning mastery of reverse manipulation is itself a form of influence. It is a delicate dance between mystery and humor, between reality and fiction. But remember, everything in moderation. You wouldn’t want your colleagues to really start to distrust you, would you?

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