Boiler: how to solve problems that may arise in winter

Temperatures are dropping, winter is coming and the boilers are restarting. But malfunctions can occur. BFM Immo carries out an inventory.

With the arrival of the first winter frosts, many households start turning on the boilers again. Unfortunately, malfunctions may occur.

• If your boiler does not turn on

The very first is obviously the failure to start. To do this, you must first check the correctness of the electrical connections. According to Leroy Merlin, it can also come from pressure problems, a faulty burner or even a malfunction in the air supply.

The heater will therefore ensure the functionality of the temperature and pressure sensors, the integrity of the connection points, the condenser or even the ignition valve. It will also clear air intakes and unclog ducts.

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• If your boiler is leaking

Another unfortunately common problem: boiler leaks. Izi by EDF explains that there are two main causes of boiler water leakage:

  • “Overpressure in the boiler: when the pressure exceeds 2 bars, the pressure valve plays its role and reduces the pressure, but this is accompanied by small leaks.”
  • “Part to be cleaned or replaced: a faulty part or part with deposits may be causing your boiler to leak water. A professional will be able to identify and replace the relevant part.”

In any case, before calling a specialist, it is better to disconnect the water supply and stop the boiler. It may also be advisable to bleed the radiators.

• If your boiler is smoking

There is apparently a boiler producing smoke within the range of alarming faults. This could be caused by a burner failure or even a gas build-up. In all cases, you must stop the boiler, open the windows and call an expert.

• If your boiler switches itself off

It can be particularly unpleasant if the boiler turns itself off. Izi by EDF reminds that boilers “often include an automatic shutdown of operation as soon as a safety problem appears”. There can be many problems. It can be clogging, overheating, poor ventilation, excess water pressure, etc. If your boiler gives you information about the problem and you have DIY skills, you can always try to repair it.

• If your boiler makes an unusual sound

And finally, half annoying and half disturbing, there is the unusual noise. If the causes can be different and are not necessarily serious, it is better to turn off the boiler quickly and call an expert.

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