Banque de France: while earning more than 10,000 euros a month, this plane pilot found himself at a dead end

On the verge of bankruptcy with five figure salary ? That’s what happened to Alain, the captain, whose first name has been changed to preserve his anonymity. For years, the airline pilot led a luxurious lifestyle with a salary of 12,000 euros a month, which was enough for him to endear himself. Despite this high salary, however, Alain finds himself today a debt of 287,000 euros and admits that he is “overdue with privileged pay“, relates Parisian on November 17.

Faced with this situation, Alain decided to file an over-indebtedness case with the Banque de France. The institution offered him a two-year settlement plan, but Alain believes it would be too burdensome for him and his family. Before the court of justice at Versailles, he pleaded in favor of a more spread out pay off your creditors.


Since they are no longer able to repay their loan, they take their bank to court

Alain explains that his release in October 2019, followed by the Covid-19 crisis and imprisonment, put him in a difficult situation. His hiring at Air France was delayed until October 2021, leading to a significant drop in his income. Despite unemployment benefits equal to 40% of his salary, the pilot had to tap into his savings to cover his expenses. After eight months, he discovered that despite his new job, he was unable to pay off his debts with a salary of 8500 euros per month.

Loans verified even over 60% indebtedness

Alain also condemns the role of banks in his current situation. He claims that at a time when he had a monthly salary of 12,000 euros, banks easily granted him a loan without taking into account its high debt ratio of 60%.

Forced to find a way to pay off his creditors, an airline pilot plans to sell his second home, parking lot and the cars he bought with the hope of one day restoring them. However, Alain doubts that he will be able to get a good price for them as these vehicles are no longer roadworthy.


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