Are you rich or poor? Compare your standard of living with the French

23,160 euros. This is according to data preliminary data from INSEE released this Tuesday, November 14, the average standard of living of people living in a French household* (in other words, every French person) in 2021. It increased by 0.6% just over a year. The standard of living corresponds to the income that each individual has available for consumption and saving (earned income, unemployment benefits, retirement, pensions, income from property, other social benefits), after paying direct taxes (income tax, housing tax …)* *.

Then on to salaries, this INSEE study will above all allow you to compare your standard of living with other French people. According to the distribution of living standards by decile in 2021, 90% of French people have an annual standard of living higher than 12,290 euros. Another way to interpret it: 10% live on less than 12,290 euros per year. Conversely, 10% of the French have a standard of living higher than 41,870 euros. And the richest 5% of people have an after-tax disposable income of more than… €53,000 a year!


Rich, poor, well off… what social class do you belong to?

To give you a more accurate picture of your situation, INSEE also studied the average standard of living of the French according to their household composition. Thus, a single person under the age of 65 has an average standard of living 21 640 euroswhen two people living as a couple and having one or two children (reference person in the household under the age of 65) each have an average standard of living of 25,520 euros per year.

>> Single, couple with or without children, over 65 alone or as a couple… compare your standard of living with other French people depending on the composition of your household

And depending on the state of activity, the situation also evolves. Average annual standard of living employees is therefore 25,720 euros, when it amounts to 16,880 euros for job seekers. This means that half of the French unemployed live on less than 16,880 euros per year and the other half have a higher standard of living. Pensioners are better off, with an average standard of living of 23,160 euros.

>> Employed, retired, unemployed… compare your standard of living with that of other French people depending on your activity


What is your standard of living after 75?

* The scope of the study refers to mainland France.

** According to the definition of INSEE, the standard of living is equal to the disposable income of each household (income available after paying direct taxes) divided by the number of consumption units (CU) that make up the household. According to the OECD equivalence scale, one consumption unit is allocated to the first adult in the household, 0.5 CU to other people aged 14 and over and 0.3 CU to children under 14. For example, for a household consisting of two adults (1.5 UC) and one child (0.3 UC), with a disposable income of EUR 35,000, the standard of living for each household member is approximately EUR 19,444.4 (EUR 35,000). /1.8). The standard of living is therefore the same for all individuals in the same household.

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