Agility and selectivity in Private Equity real estate

The company offers its partners private banking and family offices investment solutions that will benefit from gaps in the market in a rapidly changing real estate context. Its approach is based on strong values ​​connected mainly with its effort to offer strategies focused on the needs of investors, meeting the controlled ratio of risk and return.

Lift Partners relies on an extensive network of real estate professionals (asset managers, promoters 1ahem positions, real estate traders, etc.) recognized and benefiting from strong financial strength. These real estate operators ensure the smooth running of partially financed companies’ operations, such as administrative management, work monitoring, lease signings, etc. Lift Partners provides a complete study and analysis of the operator and the said financed operation, which can cover all real estate segments (coliving, coworking, logistics, data centers, schools, hotels, etc.).

“We are currently at the dawn of a new real estate cycle in which allocation strategies, market timing and the selection of management teams are critical in the search for the performance we want to deliver to our investors. » admits Adèle Le Magoariec, partner. “The real estate market must learn to adapt to new strong trends such as compliance with environmental standards, changes in use (teleworking)…” adds Adèle Le Magoariec. To respond to this, Lift Partners is looking for alternative and innovative strategies. Each of these strategies can be offered in the form of club deals and Private Equity funds aimed at professional investors or similar, from €100,000.

Each of the proposed strategies has the common denominator of being short- to medium-term (less than five years) alongside institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, etc.) and trying to control risk. Every investor must always bear in mind that Private Equity by its very nature presents a risk of capital loss and illiquidity.

Solid values, assurance of conviction

Lift Partners is distinguished by its strong and unique position. In fact, the company co-invests in each of the solutions recommended to its partners, which is a guarantee of its conviction. “We are committed to a strong alignment of interests between all parties and only seek transactions in which real estate professionals also invest a significant portion of their own funds.” says Nicolas Pilikian, founder. “Each of its activities must also be meaningful and respond to an identified need and have an impact on future generations” continues Nicolas Pilikian.

Opportunistic market of the future

“In the midst of every crisis lies a great opportunity,” Albert Einstein. You still need to have access to them and only professionals like Lift Partners will be able to identify them in a complex market. The company firmly believes in enabling investors to seize opportunities, particularly those associated with taking positions in the secondary market. In addition, after the banks have closed the credit taps for real estate professionals, third-party investors are becoming the main players in the continuation of their activity. So all the conditions are in place for the upcoming months full of opportunities if you are agile and selective.

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